Simple Ways To Control Garbage Bin Odors

There are days we cannot stand the bad odors that emit from the garbage bin. This mostly happens in summer when it’s hot. If you don’t manage your garbage bin properly, the bad smell can worsen and spread to the whole house making everyone uncomfortable. Contact a waste removal company to take care of your […]

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What You Should Know About Trash Compactors For Commercial Waste Management

Commercial establishments, big and small alike, produce loads of waste and this includes mainly of items used in the trade depending on the type of business. These non-hazardous commercial waste products are produced within the premises of the establishment. It is imperative these should be reduced, managed and disposed properly since dumping of such materials […]

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How To Reduce Office Waste Without Hassle

The ever rising threat of global warming is enough to remind everyone that planet earth is getting dangerous by the day because of human activities. Simple things like printing or disposing used reams of paper can easily mean that you are contributing to pollution. Your best bet is therefore to do your part in taking […]

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Is There A Best Way To Dispose An Unwanted Mattress?

  Worn out or unwanted mattress disposal has been a major problem in Perth for decades now. Take a quick walk down some of Perth’s streets. You will soon discover a lot of discarded mattresses on the pavements, or just sitting there silently witnessing the fast paced life of the city. Surprisingly, most of the […]

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