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Swann Rubbish Removal provides Junk Removal Services for Perth from $110 Incl GST per Cubic Metre.

Junk Removal Service

If you have too much junk and don’t know where to start, we are the team who can help.
We’ll come over to your home or place of business and do all the hard work – sorting, removing and disposing of all your unwanted junk. Our high level of professionalism means you won’t even have to lift a finger.

Our junk removal service covers the following aspects of Junk removal in Perth and all suburbs surrounding Perth:

  1. House clean ups
  2. Construction & demolition waste removal
  3. Garage clean outs
  4. Office clear outs
  5. Green waste removal (up to a trailer load)
  6. Rubbish bin hire / rubbish bin rental service so you can take care of your home or business rubbish on your own and not cost any more than you have to – with no hidden fees or nasty surprises!
  7. Regular rubbish collection service as required – weekly, fortnightly, monthly… however often you need it – we’ll be there every time! Let us do the hard work for you!
    8.Deceased estates
  8. Pensioner home cleanouts
    10.We also have a large truck if you have a lot of junk to remove – no job is too hard for us!
  9. Free quotes and advice before we start. You’ll know exactly how much your junk removal will cost before we start work
Swann Rubbish is Perth’s low cost, professional rubbish collection and removal service. Our services include rubbish collection, rubbish removal, debris removal, junk collection and rubbish disposal. Our team of experienced rubbish removers are well-mannered professionals who offer full service of rubbish collection from beginning to end. Our services for debris and junk collection in Perth include removal of old and unused furniture, home appliances, carpets, mattress, sofa, green waste disposal, office rubbish, deceased estates rubbish, electronic waste and refrigerators. We service all suburbs within a 50km radius of Perth, Western Australia. We offer free quotes for residential, commercial and industrial junk and rubbish removal.

What is Junk?

We define junk as any unwanted household or business rubbish; it may be dirty, muddy, broken, non working or just taking up space and taking up your time.

Items we commonly collect for our junk removal service include:

3.Floor coverings
6.Kitchen appliances and utensils
7.Household electrical items (phones, laptops)

Household or business cleaning chemicals (e.g: oven cleaner, iron remover) etc. If you have chemical waste in cardboard boxes, we will collect those as well!
9.Furniture that is made of plastic – if it’s in the form of a bin we will take those as well!
10.Tinned roofing material from building sites (unused lead paint can be hazardous).
11 .Bricks, rocks and concrete (these items will be recycled)

Fencing (metal or wood)

Hot water systems

Garden ornaments

Appliances (dryers, fridges, microwaves) etc
16 .Easy to fold furniture – tables/chairs that could be resold on gumtree or ebay for example
17 .Old electrical appliances such as old phones and toaster, broken lamps etc – please don’t put them in your normal recycling bin! These items can contain hazardous materials and should not go in landfill where they will leach into the environment. Please phone Swann Rubbish to arrange a collection
18 .Shrubs and plants (cut down trees and bushes)
19 .Plants that need to be trimmed (planted but not thriving)

Garden sheds (if they are not in use, you can cut back the weeds and cut branches that are sticking out of your garden shed)

Tiles, bricks, rubble or concrete that is used for foundations etc…

Old concrete blocks or used bricks (if they do not belong in your backyard they can be safely removed along with old bricks, rubble etc as long as you don’t build anything with them!)
23 . Items that have been removed from your property by a tradesman (eg: old carpet, mirrors, baths etc)

Scrap Metal (we collect scrap metal on site – if you have old top loading washing machines, fridges and ovens – not the ones with freon – we can take these on site as well! )

Construction waste – including sand, dirt, pavers, bricks

Garden waste and leaf material (we can also do this pre-collection for a small additional fee and provide bulk bags for you to dispose of your garden waste!

Dirt / Soil
28 .Floor boards (can be re-used)
29 . Walls, ceilings and ceilings fans (be sure to cover any loose boards with tarpaulin to prevent water getting in!)
30 . Glass, pottery, old china bowls and plates
31 .Metal objects from outside (these items can often be sold on ebay or Gumtree if they are still usable)

32. Concrete furniture – patio sets etc… we can remove this safely.  

What are the dangers of choosing a cheap Junk removal service?

It’s important to remember that cheap does not always mean good, and neither does the highest price.

When you choose a cheap junk removal service, it’s very easy to find yourself paying more than necessary. Choose wisely when hiring junk collection services.

Most Perth residents don’t understand how things such as fuel surcharges and travel expenses can increase a quote by hundreds of dollars. These facts are priced into most companies’ rubbish removal quotes, but are not revealed until the very end of the process.

Don’t get pressured into signing a contract with a company before you’ve had the time to do your research.

Before choosing a “cheap rubbish removal service” consider the following 10 things.

What are the dangers of choosing a bad junk removal company?

  1. You may believe you are saving money by choosing a cheap junk removal service – but in fact you could be paying for a service that is:
    (a) Not using appropriate commercial vehicles or equipment and will not meet any legal requirements.
    (b) Will provide you with an inferior service and charge you more for their rubbish removal services.
    (c) Not providing a written agreement before undertaking work and charging extra for their junk removal services.
  2. You could end up with damaged goods or goods which are not usable after the junk has been removed from your property! We strongly advise that all items are properly tagged and labelled as to what they were prior to being removed .
    3 .You could end up having to pay extra costs to dispose of the waste you were trying to get rid of!
  3. You may be paying for services that have not been agreed upon in writing by both parties . We believe in clear, open communication.
  4. Your junk removal service may not be licensed if it is providing a commercial service rather than a domestic one (if you suspect this, check their license number on the EPA website under ‘ licensing’ or call our friendly team at Swann Rubbish for advice)
  5. You may make a legal claim over damage that has been done to your property by a company who does not have appropriate insurance (check with us first – we believe in being fully insured).
    7 . You may be charged higher prices because you have let a company on to your property without being present. Our licensed waste carriers are aware of the legal requirements of rubbish removals, however , companies that have not been licensed in the past and are operating as a sole trader, may not be aware of these laws – they could charge you extra for their junk removal services and then turn around and try to charge you again for the costs of recycling when it is illegal for them to do so!
    8 .You might end up with hazardous waste in your home or business premises – some items we collect can contain hazardous materials.
    9 . You may not be able to take your rubbish away in the same way as we do. For example, some sites require a special permit to collect waste from – we will check with you before removing anything from your property.
    10 . You could end up receiving poor service and end up paying for extra items not removed or you could have damaged goods that cannot be fixed after all!
  6. You may feel that you have been ripped off at the end of a junk removal service when it is left on your property and you have to pay extra money for someone to pick it up again and get rid of it safely (most companies offer free site visits if this is needed! ).

The cheapest way to remove junk in Perth is to call Swann Rubbish. We are the cheapest way to remove rubbish and waste from your property or project in Perth and all surrounding suburbs such as Perth , Yanchep, Mount Lawley, Mandurah, Rockingam Fremantle and Hamilton Hill.

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