Is There A Best Way To Dispose An Unwanted Mattress?


Worn out or unwanted mattress disposal has been a major problem in Perth for decades now. Take a quick walk down some of Perth’s streets. You will soon discover a lot of discarded mattresses on the pavements, or just sitting there silently witnessing the fast paced life of the city. Surprisingly, most of the city’s no longer wanted or used mattresses end up in landfills where they make an ugly site. Fortunately, used mattresses could be professionally cleaned, re-used or recycled. The best of Perth rubbish removal professionals do offer junk and used mattress disposal services, among the many other garbage disposal services. And while at it, they take full responsibility for the recycling aspects of the collected garbage.


Used mattress recycling options

But prior to going for the mattress disposal step, it is recommended that you check its condition so as to best choose how to best get rid of it. The best way to go about ridding yourself unwanted mattresses in your home is to call a professional rubbish removing company. They will handle expertly handle the disposal aspect of the used or unwanted mattresses.


Once they arrive at your place, the experts start by dividing the mattresses on such that can be re-cycled and such than cannot. If in good condition, the homeowner is encouraged to pass it or donate to someone else. This person can be a neighbor, a friend, or even a total stranger in need. Apart from these people, there are numerous refugee resettlement programs, battered women shelters, or homeless people shelters that will gladly accept the used mattresses. Mattresses in bad conditions are either destroyed or recycled. If recycled, the materials are used for making new products, and hence keeping the environment safe.


Environmental benefits of recycling old mattresses

The three main benefits of recycling old mattresses are:


• Spared resources for future use

• Reduced pollution that is associated with the extraction of new materials for example pulpwood

• Extended landfill life


As it is, there is a special bond between junk and landfills. They all adore waste materials but they cannot stand mattresses, and for a good reason. Mattresses cannot be compressed the way other waste can and hence take huge amounts of space that is reserved for other junk. Furthermore, their metal springs end up clogging the landfill machinery leading to accidents. Apart from this, mattresses are made with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. In simple terms, used mattresses need to be recycled or disposed of in the correct manner to avoid degrading the environment.


Are all materials that make a mattress recyclable?

Almost all mattresses are made from renewable and recycled materials, meaning that they can be recycled at the end of their life. Here is what happens to the recycled mattress materials.


• The fabric ticking is tuned into archery targets

• The wooden frames are chipped and utilized as fuel in power generating stations

• The cotton bit is used in a number of textile applications and also in industrial machinery oil filters

• The mattress foam is turned into carpet underpayment

• The steel wire bit is recycled and used in a wide variety of applications.


All in all, it is strongly recommended that you get rid of you waste matter in a responsible and environmentally friendly way. Remember that garbage removal today is no longer synonymous with multiple trips to the dumpsite. There are numerous waste management organizations that specialize in recycling just about anything they get their hands on. So when you call a junk or garbage removal service, ensure to ask them what they do with recyclable materials. These waste material management service providers take everything from unwanted mattresses to used newspapers and either professionally destroy or recycle them, and thus keeping the environment safer by keeping all these out of landfills.



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