Did You Know You Can Go Green At Your Office Too?

Green Waste Policies for a healthier environment

There is a common misconception that going green means spending a lot of money to implement the changes needed to implement it. However, this is not the case because more often it involves simple and small changes around the home or even at the office. A lot of companies are implementing policies to turn the workplace into a more environmentally friendly place to be.

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense because this is where a lot of us spend most of our time. Below are some simple yet affordable strategies that you can implement at your workplace:

Go natural and save on energy

Make the most out of natural lighting and ventilation which will have a significant effect on the energy consumption in your office. Turn off the lights during daytime and most especially when there is no one in the office.

Workers removing waste in an office.
Workers removing waste in an office.

Invest in energy star rated appliances like water coolers and thermostats that usually use half the energy compared to their standard counterpart. Simple changes like this will help you save on energy bills and help you make your office more eco-friendly.

In most offices you will find that a lot of energy is consumed by machines or computers that are off but plugged into an outlet. Ensure that any machine that is not in use is turned off and the power socket is turned off too, especially when you are leaving for the day.

When you are away for short periods, you can set the computer to sleep mode which will save you a lot more energy. Also, ensure that all other peripherals like scanners, speakers, video cards and printers are turned off when not in use. Saving energy does not only involve the computers but can also be implemented in lighting. Invest in compact fluorescent bulbs which are known to save a higher percentage of energy compared to incandescent bulbs. Additionally, they will save you on replacement bulbs as well as reduce waste when using them.

Digitize your office

It is quite strange that lots of printing work produce a large volume of paper waste seeing that we are in the digital age. You can begin by making simple changes like videoconferencing instead of commuting to clients’ offices. It is wise to include the employees in the decision making process before the implementation. Take time to explain the money and time saving benefits in a bid to get the employees to see things your way. You should also pre-screen several paperless solutions and give the employees an opportunity to get used to the whole process. You need to start small and find a department which you can start with and use the lessons learnt to deploy the process to the whole organization. Increase the number of storage devices and systems to make the changeover easy for the whole company.

Reuse and reduce

Paper and paper products contribute to the highest volume of waste in the office and you can easily reduce this by following simple tips. You can begin by reviewing documentation online rather than printing it. However, this is not as simple as it sounds and might take the employees some time to get used to. In cases where you have to print or make copies, then you can set the machine to make use of both sides. You can also shred and reuse unwanted paper as packing materials for any shipment your company needs to make. Save boxes for making shipments to your clients as this will not only save your company money, but help you go green. Once all options to reduce are exhausted, then you can start exploring recycling options.


Just like in your home, there are various things that can be recycled in the office and it is pretty straight forward. Make sure that the facility station is highly visible and well communicated to the employees as you introduce recycling in the office. Starting a recycling station is pretty simple because all you need are just some bins and recycling guidelines above each one. Separate bins will be required for each item to make sure the waste products can be recycled with ease.

A simple tip would be to include a simple label and a picture of what should be placed in the bin as a simple guideline for the staff. It is highly advisable to start with paper which has the highest volume and is the most visible. With time, you can expand the system to include other waste materials like toners, batteries, bulbs, ink cartridges and even edible items.

Find out how the items in the recycling bins can be collected and delivered to recycling centres. This will be a great way to cut down on the amount of waste that your office produces. If you are looking for office junk removal in Perth, you can contact us at Swann Rubbish Removal. We will ensure that all your needs are met as per your specified requirements.