Important Steps To Take For Making An Inventory Of A Deceased Parent’s Property

Having a parent die can be a huge blow for you particularly if you were very close. This is made even worse if you are responsible for organizing the funeral and other aspects related to the death. It means that you will have to attend to these matters despite the fact that you are grieving. Some see it as a means of distraction, but it’s always a good idea to give yourself some time to grieve. At some point, usually after the funeral, you will have to deal with issues regarding their property and estate. Doing an inventory is essential, since it will help you decide what to do with each piece of property. These are some tips that you can use as far as making the inventory is concerned.

Give it some time before starting the process 

After the funeral, give yourself a day or two to grieve before starting handling the estate issues. You will need this time not only to grieve, but also to gain the energy you need for the process. Depending on the nature of your parent’s estate as well as their will, this might be easy or complicated. If you are well rested, it will be easier for you to deal with it if it’s complicated.

If your parent had left a will, it will have to be read at some point after the funeral, usually dictated by your parent. If, say, they had requested that the will be read a week after the funeral, you can use this time to rest, reflect and grieve before beginning handling the estate issues. Besides, the will will definitely have information that will impact the way you handle the property. You may find that they have donated some property, so you will not need to inventory it.

Handling unwanted items

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Once you have decided to handle your deceased parent’s property and the legal issues have been sorted out, you first need to make an inventory for the property. If your parent lived in a rental house, this is even more important since you will need to move the property so that you don’t continue paying rent.

The inventory will help you handle the property. You may find some unwanted items, in which case you can call in a rubbish removal firm to help you get rid of it. A specialized firm that deals with deceased estate removal is ideal. They will handle all of the heavy lifting that may be required during the rubbish removal so that you don’t have to. This is particularly important in scenarios where the logistics might be difficult, such as when your parent lived in an apartment with narrow corridors and you have large pieces of rubbish to get rid of.

Seeking help for sorting out the inventory

Sometimes, making an inventory will be complicated by various factors. These include when the property is spread over a large area. If you still feel grief-stricken, you will need help doing the inventory to avoid mistakes. Let Kanne and his team at Swann help you out. Call 0414 434 257.

You could have your family and friends help you do this. This reduces the time it takes to come up with the inventory. Making an inventory and figuring out how to deal with your parent’s items can be very emotional. Having someone familiar by your side will make the process easier.

If need be, you could also work with specialized firms to handle assessment of the deceased’s estate. This is very useful in cases where the property is large and spread out, and also when financial property such as bank accounts and company stocks and shares are involved. You can let the company handle this, and just sit back and wait for the report.

If the process of handling your deceased parent’s estate falls to you, having an inventory will be essential in helping you figure out what to do with it. If you have inherited it, for instance, you can then plan on issues such as legally transferring them to yourself, donating property you don’t want to keep, selling some of it and so on.






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