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Welcome to Swann Rubbish Removal – the leading waste management provider in Northern Perth. Catering to both commercial and residential spaces, we offer a wide range of services.

Whether it’s decluttering a home office, clearing construction sites, maintaining commercial premises, or handling estate clean outs, we’ve got you covered.

With Swann Rubbish Removal, rest assured that you’re only charged for the waste we eliminate.

Swann Rubbish removal member picking up trash.
Swann Rubbish removal member picking up trash.

Our waste management techniques are meticulously designed to align with your unique needs. Recognizing that waste removal demands differ – from post office relocations to managing estates post bereavement – our dedicated team ensures swift services.

We can offer comprehensive cleanups over a 2-3 day span and provide an exhaustive quote outlining the removal procedures. We’re not just about removal; we’re about the environment. Every item we collect is responsibly recycled or disposed of.

North Perth is a thriving region with a blend of modernity and rich history. As a central hub, it offers its residents and businesses a plethora of amenities, making it a prime spot for both living and commerce.

Our Exceptional Services in Northern Perth

1. Commercial Waste Removal: In the bustling business landscape of Northern Perth, waste management is essential. Our commercial waste removal service is crafted to cater to businesses of all scales. From small storefronts to expansive enterprises, we ensure waste is collected, segregated, and disposed of with utmost responsibility. This lets you focus seamlessly on your core business operations without the headache of waste accumulation.

2. Construction Removal: Construction sites are synonymous with progress, but they also generate a considerable amount of debris and waste. From discarded materials, broken bricks, to excess sand and metal scraps, we step in to clear it all. Our team ensures that the site remains organized, safe, and conducive for workers and visitors alike.

3. Garden & Green Waste Removal: Northern Perth boasts of picturesque landscapes and manicured gardens. But maintaining these green havens produces organic waste. Our garden and green waste removal service ensures trimmings, fallen leaves, pruned branches, and other green waste are collected and repurposed or composted, ensuring a cycle that’s beneficial to the environment.

4. Residential Rubbish Removal: A clutter-free home is a happy home. Our residential rubbish removal service is all about enhancing the living experience of Northern Perth residents. Whether it’s that old sofa, broken electronics, or obsolete appliances, we ensure they’re removed responsibly, recycling whenever possible.

5. Deceased Estate Cleanup: The passing of a loved one is a challenging time. Sorting through their possessions can be emotionally taxing. With empathy at the core, our deceased estate cleanup service takes on this task, ensuring every item is handled respectfully, be it for donation, sale, or disposal.

6. Office & Commercial Strip Outs: Changing times call for evolving spaces. When businesses in Northern Perth decide to renovate or relocate, our strip out service steps in. From safely removing electronic waste, disposing of old office furniture, to taking out worn-out carpets, we provide a comprehensive service that preps the space for its next phase.

7. Hoarding Cleanup Assistance: Hoarding is more than just accumulated possessions; it’s a complex emotional journey. Recognizing the sensitivity of such situations, our hoarding cleanup service is backed by a compassionate team. We approach each project with understanding, patience, and respect, ensuring belongings are sorted, retained, or discarded as per the individual’s comfort.

8. Meth Cleanup: Properties tarnished by methamphetamine use pose significant health risks. Our meth cleanup service in Northern Perth employs a team trained in biohazard clean-up. Adhering to stringent guidelines and equipped with specialized gear, we ensure spaces are decontaminated and restored, ensuring safety for all future occupants.

Rubbish removal team member putting trash bags in garbage truck.
Rubbish removal team member putting trash bags in garbage truck.


  • Areas of Service?  
  • Northern Perth and all its neighbouring regions.
  • Speed of Service? 
  • From same day services to extended clean-ups over 2-3 days contact us for details.
  • Type of Waste Managed? 
  • From household junk to specialized services like hoarding clean-ups and meth decontamination, we cover a broad spectrum.
  • Pricing Metrics? 
  • Charges are based on the volume and type of waste. No hidden costs.
  • Booking Procedure? 
  • Reach out via phone or email for quotes or bookings.
  • Post Removal Waste Treatment? 
  • Recycling and responsible disposal are our standards.
  • Services for Businesses? 
  • Absolutely, including specialized electronic waste and carpet removal.
  • Specialized Cleanup Assistance? 
  • Yes for both hoarding and meth contamination scenarios.
  • Operating Hours? 
  • Contact us to know more. We’re flexible to suit your schedule.
  • Licensing and Insurance? 
  • Yes, ensuring you get nothing but professional, dependable services.

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Key Takeaways for  services  in North Perth

Commercial Waste Removal: Tailored solutions for businesses; responsible waste handling lets companies focus on core operations.

Construction Removal: Efficient debris clearance for a safe, organized worksite.

Garden & Green Waste Removal: Environmentally-conscious disposal, promoting a green and clean Northern Perth.

Residential Rubbish Removal: Responsible removal of home clutter, from old furniture to appliances.

Deceased Estate Cleanup: Empathetic service that respects and cares for belongings during sensitive times.

Office & Commercial Strip Outs: Comprehensive space preparation, including electronic waste and carpet disposal.

Hoarding Cleanup Assistance: Sensitive and understanding approach, respecting the complexities and emotions involved.

Meth Cleanup: Strict, professional protocols ensuring decontamination and safety for affected properties.

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