Home Makeovers: Focus On Your Curb Appeal To Make It Count!

Whether you are planning to sell your home or not, you can add great value to your property by improving the curb appeal. This can be something as simple as adding another coat of paint or just using a little creativity. You will be surprised by the difference a slight inexpensive change can have on your home.

There is a common misconception that when someone is out to improve curb appeal, then they are planning to sell. This is not always true as sometimes you may want to install some upgrades or in the process, carry out repairs on certain areas on the exterior of your home. So, which part of your home plays a major role when it comes to curb appeal?

The roof

Ideally, the roof is the house’s crowning glory and you should thus make sure it is in top condition. Most often when a roof is in a good condition, no one will notice it but if it is poorly maintained, it will probably be the first thing that people notice. If your roof is dirty or stained, then you should clean it which will not only get rid of dirt but also algae and sometimes even leaves or sticks.

Make sure there are no climbing plants or weeds that are blocking your guttering system as this will present lasting problems in future. Repainting is also an option but you should note that this will also depend on the kind of roofing materials that you currently have. Alternatively if your budget allows it, you can replace the entire roof and give your home a brand new look.

Spruce up the walkway or driveway

You can use paving stones or bricks to dress up the walkway and create a simple way to lead people to the front door. Bricks and stones can also be used to bring attention to the base of trees or shrubs and flower beds. If you do have a driveway, you can implement simple fixes by simply removing stains, filling the cracks and uprooting weeds which could create a significant distraction. Install a border along your driveway to create an elegant and crisp look by using edging materials like stone, pavers, bricks or even a combination of all. The edging can be elevated to protect your lawn or even put on the same level as your driveway. This will all depend on the overall effect you want to create on your driveway.

Upgrade the exteriors

Sometimes, simply washing the exterior does not brighten or create a significant change as you would have hoped. An inexpensive option would be to repaint the exterior since you can do it yourself or even have friends come over to help. It is highly advisable to match the existing paint that you currently have. Avoid using controversial colours as an appraiser could end up marking down the home’s value especially if it is a really unpopular colour.

Changing window treatments is also a great way to change the look of your home’s exterior. Another great thing would be to select window coverings that will enhance the beauty of the windows without hiding them. And you can use planter boxes on the exteriors for a great improvement without having to spend a lot of money. As you work on the exterior, you should not forget the front door which can be turned into the focal point of your house.

You need to add a bright and welcoming colour as well as accessories like door knobs that match the exterior theme and style of your house. You can also install garden lighting along the entryway to guide your guests at night while also enhancing the security. Go for soft exterior lighting to emphasize the landscaping or any features that you want to highlight at night time. Solar lights are the perfect choice since they are easy to install and will not use electricity from your house. They bring a pleasant mood that is not overly bright and can actually run up to 6 hours.

Clean up current landscaping or upgrade landscaping

Beautiful plants and flowers will no doubt brighten your home and provide a peaceful atmosphere for your loved ones as well as visitors. Use ornamental plants to add life to your home and perennial plants to ensure the garden is vibrant throughout the year. Apart from cleaning up the yard by uprooting weeds and mowing the lawn, you need also to make sure that you trim neatly around shrubbery, trees, flower beds and mailbox.

Also, do not forget to rake the grass and leaves and put away your tools rather than leaving them around the yard. You will also find that in most cases, homeowners will pile the green waste in the corner of the yard because they do not know what to do with it. If you are one of them, then don’t hesitate to contact us at Swann Rubbish Removal. We will handle the green waste removal process and ensure your garden remains beautiful and neat to create the best curb appeal your house can enjoy.