Property Clean Ups and Rubbish Removal Service

Swann Rubbish provides Property Clean Up and Rubbish Removal Services. We are responsible for the removal of all types of waste and rubbish, including old kitchens, cupboards, carpets, chipped tiles, waste, rubble, trash, garbage you name it! You can rely on us to take care of your home, office or property clearance needs.

Property with rubbish and junk and rubbish. Require a clean out and clean up

A property cleanup is great for clearing out your home when you are moving. Or if you have remodeled a room and need to get rid of the old material, our company can help. Our rubbish removal service will take care of all unwanted items from your house, office or vacation home and get them disposed-of properly.

-If you’re moving or have recently moved into a new place
-If you need to redecorate in a room and want to clear out the old furniture, carpet, wallpaper etc.
-If you are renovating your home and want to get rid of the old junk that has been lying around in your garden for years.
-Clearing out an office? We can help with all the desks, chairs, cabinets etc.
-You need rubbish removal for a vacation home? That can be arranged too!
-Maybe you are clearing out a garage? Let us take care of any scrap metal that is cluttering up your property.
-We also offer property clean up services – perfect
-You may have a deceased estate to deal with
-You may have a property which has been occupied by nightmare tenants!

If you’re moving into a new place, and need to clear out rubbish and junk from the old property, we can help. Swann Rubbish is your number one rubbish removal company for the Perth, Western Australian. Our property clean up service is what you need.

Swann Rubbish provides a flexible and easy waste management solution for people and businesses. We collect, sort and dispose of all types of waste in a responsible manner.

If you’re clearing out an office, or a home; or if you have an old storage area, warehouse or shed to deal with, we can help.

We’ll dispose of your rubbish and junk in a safe and secure way.

We are a professional waste removal company offering all types of services including:

  1. House clear up and junk removal
  2. Rubbish removal
  3. Clearance of Land
  4. Clean out / Scrap metal removal
  5. Demolition and disposal of hazardous materials (D1 & D0) and asbestos (D2 only)
  6. Garbage, freight and waste segregation / classification
  7. One off rubbish removal
  8. Full clean outs – vacant properties
  9. Rubbish removal and disposal – construction site clean up
    • Waste disposal
    • Private/ Commercial waste removal and recycling / recycling management
    • Sectional Clean Outs
    Property with rubbish and junk and rubbish. Require a clean out and clean up

    House clean out and Junk Removal

    At Swan Rubbish, we’ve seen it all. We’ve cleared out waste from houses that have been occupied by hoarders or people unable to assist themselves. We’ve seen houses abused by squatters with rubbish piled to the ceiling.
    Well we’ve seen it all and we can handle it! We have the experience, the proper trucks and we will do the job right. We don’t just throw everything into one big pile and drive off. The items that are going to be recycled or donated are placed in their appropriate piles.

    Rubbish Removal

    You name it; we’ve collected it! We’ve removed everything from cars to dishwashers to construction waste and industrial waste. If you have rubbish that needs to be removed, call us and we’ll take it away.

    Clearance of Land

    At Swan Rubbish, we remove all types of rubbish from your land. Whether you need a complete clean out of a block or just some rubble collected and removed, Swan Rubbish can help. We have the trucks and we have the people to do the job right!

    Scrap metal removal

    If you have scrap metal that needs to be collected, we can help. We offer scrap metal recycling services in Perth at competitive rates as well as offsite disposal services.

    Demolition and disposal of hazardous materials such as Asbestos

    At Swan Rubbish, we provide a safe and professional demolition service as well as asbestos removal. We’re experts in the management of asbestos and demolition services.

    Garbage, Freight and Waste Segregation / Classification

    At Swan Rubbish our company provides waste management services to private and commercial clients. Our focus is on low-cost alternatives to landfill disposal that are more sustainable. We have the expertise in waste segregation at source and freight consolidation that can reduce costs for you.

    One off rubbish removal

    We are your one stop solution for all of your waste removal and rubbish removal needs. If you aren’t sure what you need, we can handle it all!

    Full clean outs

    At Swan Rubbish, we offer a full range of homeowner and commercial clients waste clearance services. The short-term clean outs are perfect for people who have a home or holiday property to clear out. We’re experienced in managing and disposing of junk from private homes, old garages or storage sheds.

    Rubbish removal and disposal – construction site clean up
    If you have a construction site, we can help with any rubbish removal and clean up.
    We can remove anything from broken materials to rubble, garbage and all other types of waste. At Swan Rubbish, we offer a service that is fast and efficient. You will be very pleased with our services- we know that! You can rely on us to make sure the job is done correctly, professionally and within budget.

    Full clean outs – vacant properties
    If you are a private or commercial property owner and need help with a clean out, we can do it all! We offer home owner clean outs, commercial clean outs, commercial office clean outs and industrial clean outs. We know that what you need is fair and reasonable.

    Waste disposal
    At Swan Rubbish, we provide waste disposal services for businesses and individuals as well as for recycling programs for key strategic projects.

    Private/ Commercial waste removal and recycling / recycling management
    At Swan Rubbish, we offer a waste management and recycling service to small businesses and individual customers. We can provide you with a waste management program that includes waste separation and pre-waste segregation.
    This means that we can manage the waste for you in order to reduce your costs as well as cut down on landfill.

    Sectional clean outs
    At Swan Rubbish, we also offer a structural demolition and clean-up service. We’ve done it all, from clearing out old storage areas in homes to removing gyprock sections of old industrial buildings in Perth city. We have the experience and the expertise that you need for a job that needs to be done right.

    If you need any further information about our services, please feel free to contact us on 0414434257.

    Swan Rubbish is one of the largest and most experienced waste management companies in Australia. We provide a range of waste management services for both private and commercial clients including house clean outs, rubbish removal, clearance of land, demolition and disposal of hazardous materials.

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