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Do you have rubbish, junk , rubble or debris that you need to get rid of from your Perth property, home, office or business? We’re better than a skip bin service. We remove all your junk and rubbish for any kind of project.

Man driving rubbish removal truck in Perth - Swann Rubbish Removal
Man driving dump truck in Perth – Swann Rubbish Removal

The amount of rubbish and waste created every year is staggering. Right now, each person in Perth produces an average of 450kgs per year, which is expected to increase to 500kgs by 2030. Swann Rubbish Removal is part of the solution: our services include:

  • Collecting, sorting and removing rubbish, waste and junk
  • Disposing of your garbage and waste
  • Recycling all recyclable materials for a greener environment
  • We do the jobs nobody else wants to!

The services offered by rubbish removal companies in Perth:

Even though there’s a growing amount of rubbish, there are some good services in the city provided by many companies who promise to take the trash off your hands and deal with it. These companies provide solutions for householders, businesses and government bodies across the state of WA. They offer many different waste disposal options to make sure that rubbish is taken away as part of their service.

There are a few different types of services. Some companies specialise in performing weekly pickups so that you can get rid of all your unwanted waste like furniture, plant pots and other items regularly without having to do anything at all. As long as they know where to collect from each week, then it should be really easy work for the company.

Swann Rubbish Removal is such a company that offers a junk and rubbish removal service in Perth. They collect from anywhere in Western Australia so that you don’t have to make special arrangements to have rubbish collected.

Swann Rubbish specialises in once off rubbish removals. This includes large items like old kitchen appliances and furniture which may not be collected by the normal rubbish removal services that visit homes every week.

Collection and disposal of a wide range of waste materials, including household rubbish, construction debris, and green waste: Household rubbish is considered to be any type of waste material that is commonly found in a house. This includes things like old furniture, plastic packaging and appliances which can often be very bulky.

Green waste is the term used for garden and lawn clippings, leaves, branches and dead plants that are regularly generated when someone has a garden. This type of material can usually be recycled or disposed of responsibly in landfills or other bio-degradable solutions.

Construction debris refers to the various types of materials that are produced by major building projects as they’re torn down or demolished.

Swann Rubbish offers Cleanup services for hoarder houses, estates, and commercial properties

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-Hoarder houses: These are properties that have become very cluttered with old furniture and items. Sometimes these houses have become a danger to the health of their owners because they’re unable to walk around inside the house without falling over things.

Recycling and eco-friendly disposal options
-Estate cleaning: This refers to any property or land that has been inhabited by an owner who has passed away, or simply left their possessions behind when they moved away. This sort of work involves cleaning out sheds, garages and house of old items which were left behind in a hurry. The rubbish removal services at Swann Rubbish will clean this up so that the property is ready for it’s next owner.
-Commercial property cleanouts: These services are provided to any commercial property which requires cleaning and clearing. This means that any equipment such as beds, bedding, and furniture are removed, as well as old machines and other things.
Swann Rubbish offers end of life waste disposal
-End of life waste disposal: This service is undertaken after a person has died so that no further damage is caused by the items left behind by their family members. You will be able to contact this company to arrange for an end of life removal service where all the items have been collected from your house or business so you can dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way.

The advantages of hiring a rubbish removal service in Perth

Convenience and time-saving: professional rubbish removal companies can handle the entire process, from pickup to disposal. They have the experience and the equipment to transport waste that you couldn’t possibly transport yourself.

Saves money: hiring a rubbish removal service can save businesses, homeowners, and government agencies thousands of dollars in disposing of trash each year. The amount of money saved can be invested elsewhere, like back into our education system or the health care system.

Peace of mind: when you hire a professional rubbish removal company to take away your rubbish, you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

Safety: trained professionals have the knowledge and equipment to handle waste safely and efficiently. You can rest assured that your rubbish removal company is using the best methods to take care of your waste.

Environment: by using a professional rubbish removal company, you can make sure that any waste is being disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. The company will collect everything for you and dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly way .

Compliance with local regulations: professional rubbish removal companies are familiar with the laws and regulations governing waste disposal in Perth. They can make sure that you are in compliance with regulations, and they do so in a way that is acceptable to your community.

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Responsible disposal: professional rubbish removal companies follow eco-friendly disposal practices to minimize the environmental impact of waste.

Experienced employees: most rubbish removal companies are operated by people who have been in the waste management business for decades. This means that you can maintain a close relationship with your company and get an accurate assessment of what is happening with your waste.

Care about the environment: many professionals in this field have dedicated their lives to protecting the environment. Not only do they want to dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible way, but they also want to educate other people on how they can do the same.

Cost savings: professionals can help companies and homeowners save thousands of dollars each year on disposing of rubbish. The money saved can be spent on other, more valuable things.

Dispose of your waste properly: professional rubbish removal companies use the safest, most efficient methods to dispose of your waste.

Co-ordination between employees: most rubbish removal companies employ people with a wide range of skills, including handymen, demolition crews and truck drivers to complete the waste disposal project.

How to choose the right rubbish removal service in Perth?

Neglected suburb with rubbish in the street. Requires a rubbish removalist like Swann Rubbish

The first thing you need to do is be honest with yourself. Are you really in a position where hiring a company is feasible? Before you even think about hiring an outside company, you need to look around your home and think about the items that could be thrown out.

Take a trip down memory lane: go through your house and collect all of the things that have been sitting around for years and are no longer used. These are the things that should be tossed as quickly as possible before they start piling up. Start by taking everything out of the house and look at it from every angle. If you can’t figure out what you want to keep, then it’s time to let go.

Think about how best to dispose of your waste: before you even begin talking to rubbish removal companies, clear your mind of all types of rubbish. This will allow you to be free of worries and not make the wrong decision when selecting the right waste disposal company for you.

Now, if you do need to hire a rubbish removal company, it is important to choose the right one. Consider the following when making your decision:

Customer service: customer service is imperative to any business. Sadly, rubbish removal companies have a checkered record when it comes to customer support. When you talk trash to a company’s customer support line, you will hear the same thing repeated over and over again: “We’ll get there as soon as we can.” It’s unlikely that they’ll even respond at all.

Research and compare different companies: look for reputable companies with a track record of providing high-quality services. Don’t get carried away by catchy slogans and flashy websites. Instead, take time to research different companies so you can make the right choice for your needs. You can start by looking at online reviews, asking other people for referrals, or consulting with companies in your area about which ones are the best.

Know what items the company is willing to remove: some rubbish removal companies will only remove certain types of waste: electronics, furniture or yard waste. When you’re researching various companies, make sure that they can handle your rubbish removal project.
Consider the services offered: make sure the company can handle the type of waste you need to dispose of, and that they offer recycling and eco-friendly disposal options. You should even consider whether they have any additional services that might be of interest to you, such as offering junk removal in Perth or helping you with estate evacuation.

Find out about pricing: some companies will charge by the hour for their services, while others offer flat rates for certain services. Find out how the company measures their pricing so you can figure out what makes sense for your budget.
Ask about pricing: get quotes from different companies and compare their rates to find the best value for money. Before you make a decision, ask the company for a quote so that you can be sure of the price.

Know your payment options: when you’re talking trash, there are many different payment options available, including cash, check, credit card or invoice. You will want to make sure you’re comfortable with your choice of payment so that the process doesn’t cause you any stress later on down the line.

Find out about safety: some companies will handle your waste but leave it in your yard or garden, which can cause problems if it leads to an accident. Ask about their safety practices and what they will do to protect the environment from contamination.
Check with other businesses: as well as rubbish removal, professional rubbish disposal companies also provide waste management services. Businesses in Perth can call the companies on a regular basis to see if they can help with other jobs such as removing furniture, junk, or waste disposal.

Check with other residential properties: businesses in Perth are able to offer services to multiple homes and businesses at the same time. That means that if you hire one rubbish removal company, you can use them to service multiple clients throughout your area.

Do your homework: don’t just take the first company that calls you for a job. Instead, do your own research and find out who is offering the best value at the best price.

If you’re thinking about hiring a rubbish removal company to handle all of your waste disposal needs, you’ll have to decide what types of wastes that company will take away. What you can throw out will vary depending on who is doing the disposal, so it’s important to know what each company is willing to take before you reach out for a quote.

Check for licenses and insurance: make sure the company is licensed and insured to operate in Perth. It’s best to check this information with the local business bureau and even government offices before you make a final decision.

Want to know more about hiring a waste removal company in Perth? Here are some of the other things you should look for when making your choice:

The number of years in business: the longer a company has been around, the more likely it can handle any type of work. It’s important that the company has been established enough to be able to find clients while also providing them with great customer service.

What type of waste they can handle: it is important that a waste removal company handles the types of rubbish you have. Don’t plan on hiring the first company you find, as this can lead to problems down the line. Consider what you have and what types of services the company offers before you make a choice.

Customer service: let’s be honest, nobody likes calling customer support. Unfortunately, if you want anybody to seriously consider taking away your trash, you’ll have to call the company and make an inquiry. Make sure they have good customer service that will take your questions and concerns seriously.

Make sure the company is insured: don’t throw out your rubbish until you’re certain the removal company is insured to take on your project. It’s important that they have proper insurance in place in case anything goes wrong while they’re working on your project.


House overflowing with Rubbish

Rubbish removal services in Perth can help homeowners, businesses, and property owners dispose of waste safely and efficiently. If you need to get rid of your waste, there are many companies who can offer you a great service.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when looking for a rubbish removal company in Perth. As long as you’re asking the right questions, you should be able to find the best possible company for your needs. Remember that it’s important to be able to get an idea of what the company can offer before you make your final decision.
Hiring a professional rubbish removal service offers a convenient and responsible solution to the problem of waste in Perth.

Waste removal can be a major chore, so don’t try to handle it on your own if you don’t have to. Instead, try to find the right service for your needs and let them take care of all of the responsibilities.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re looking for waste removal services in Perth. Before you make a final decision, make sure that you’re asking all of the right questions so that you can find the right company for your needs.

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