What You Should Know About Trash Compactors For Commercial Waste Management

Commercial establishments, big and small alike, produce loads of waste and this includes mainly of items used in the trade depending on the type of business. These non-hazardous commercial waste products are produced within the premises of the establishment. It is imperative these should be reduced, managed and disposed properly since dumping of such materials in any available space is not allowed.

Rubbish materials often pile up giving much concern to facility owners because aside from the space these trashes occupy, they also give the area an unsightly appearance and sometimes, an undesirable odour. That was before. With the introduction of trash compactors in the industry, commercial trash issues lessened to a very noticeable degree. Installing a trash compactor in your establishment is a very smart choice because a proper route is provided for the waste to be disposed.

What is a trash compactor?

To give you an overview, a trash compactor allows you to decrease the bulk of trash by crushing and compacting materials into smaller pieces. It only has a few parts: a bin where you dump garbage; a metal ram that crushes and compresses whatever you dumped; and a switch to turn it on. Compactors are very useful, in fact, a necessity for business owners.

Having one may seem absurd especially if you are on a tight budget. You may not appreciate it and may not even consider it as an asset. Read on to know more about its benefits and how it can help you run your business smoothly.

Trash compactors will give you neat and clean premises

trash compactor

The larger the commercial area, the more waste it produces and this is associated with unsanitary working conditions. Piled up trash can lead to infestation and bad odours that can make the area unhygienic. This may eventually affect the health of workers thus, making them less productive. Working in a clean and orderly environment has an impact on the output of employees.

These are versatile pieces of equipment

Having a small area is not a reason not to own a compactor since it is available in different models and sizes. Just remember that the capacity of smaller models differ from those of larger compactors. There are models that can suit your needs. Be informed that your selection of a waste compactor should be dependent on the type of garbage your company produces. Listed below are the types of compactors for you to choose from:

• Portable compactor. This type is very convenient to use because it requires a minimal space. It can be placed indoors and outdoors.

• Stationary compactor. This type is ideal for dry waste materials including cardboard products, aluminium and plastic. It is fixed on the ground with containers that can be easily detached when full. Supermarkets and landfills find this model more useful than the other types.

• Self-contained compactor. This is often used in facilities with wet waste such as in restaurants. It is also a good choice for nursing homes, clinics and hotels because of its mechanism that prevents liquid from seeping through thereby preventing infestation.

• Thru-the-wall compactor. The compactor feeds through a chute door from the inside of a building that leads to the compactor on the opposite side of the wall.

• Vertical outdoor compactor. This is installed next to the main building wherein a chute connects the main building to the compactor. This makes it easy for employees as they don’t need to go out for the trash bin. Full containers are then wheeled to designated locations for pick up whilst an empty container takes its place in the unit.

• Hopper compactor. This is useful when trash must be loaded from a platform.

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