How To Safely Remove Rubbish From A Renovation Site

After the renovation work is done at your site, if you do not handled renovation waste correctly; a lot of garbage and waste may be left at the site and this can be quite bothersome. If not removed on time, rubbish from a renovation site can also be dangerous to workers at the site. Here are a few options you can choose from in order to ensure safe removal of rubbish from your renovation site.

Hire Swann Rubbish

Waste Removal

When hiring a professional to clean up your renovation site, it’s important to discuss the nature of the job first.  The type of waste to be removed, how much of it there is and the size as well. Here are a few options to consider when hiring a professional for rubbish removal.

  • Contact a company dealing in construction waste management. You will have to make a few calls around to make sure you get the best people for the job. Check the reviews on companies around your area. This will give you an idea on who is the best and the most cost effective.
  • Rent a roll-off waste bin. These are large metal containers used for the removal of large sizes of waste ranging from 10 to about 40 cubic yards. Dumping of items is made easy since the metal container is big and actually opens on one side. Getting a space for it can be quite challenging so if your property is not big enough to store it, you will have to get a permit to keep it on the side of the road.  Make sure to check with the rental company on the type of waste allowed to be disposed on these bins.
  • Use the garbage collection service in your area. This option is usually cheap. If you want to pick this choice, call the garbage collection service nearest to you and give them a clear description of the job you want done. This should include the type and sizes of the waste to be collected. From there they should provide you with transportation options depending on how much waste there is. A fee will be charged based on the size and type of waste being handled by the collector.
  • Use a collapsible trash bin. This is a somewhat new method of waste disposal that handles small to mid-sized waste materials very well. The most popular in waste management is perhaps the Bagster which is able to hold up to 3,300 pounds of renovation waste. Make some calls to a few waste collection companies to make sure the collapsible bin is available near you. Make your purchase for the collapsible trash bin, and bring it to the site with you. Proceed to fill the bin with the renovation waste. After the bins are done being filled, call a pickup service for collection. This option is likely to be more costly since you’re buying the bin and paying for the pickup service.

Donate materials that are still usable

During and after a renovation, you may find yourself with materials that you want to get rid of. However, some of them are actually in a good condition and can be used by somebody else. These can be anything from electronic appliances, old wardrobes and cabinets, used carpets and door rugs and many more. You can donate these to various centres around. Many organizations accept donations in form of appliances and other items as well. Check with different organizations for their rules and regulations while donating. Not only will you be cleaning up the renovation site, you will also be doing the environment a favour as well! Call Kanne of Swann Rubbish Removal on 0414 434 257 for a friendly chat

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