How to Manage Uncollected Bins During Harsh Rain Storms


Living in Perth, Western Australia, we’re no strangers to storm season. It’s essential to prepare for these events and manage waste effectively to protect our homes, environment, and community.

This informative article will provide an outline of pre-storm measures and post-storm recovery tips to help you weather the storm with ease.

photo of rubble after a storm

Pre-Storm Measures

 Waste management

  1. Use heavy-duty garbage bags: When living in Perth, WA, investing in heavy-duty garbage bags that can withstand wet conditions is crucial. They’ll help contain your waste and make collection more efficient for waste collectors after the storm.
  2. Keep garbage collection area accessible: Ensure that the path to your garbage bins is clear and accessible, allowing for smooth collection when service resumes in Perth.
  3. Securely close container lids: Prevent rainwater from entering your garbage bins by ensuring the lids are securely closed. This will minimize unpleasant odors, deter pests, and reduce the risk of wind blowing debris out of the bins during storms in Perth.
  4. Double-bag food waste: To avoid leaks and unpleasant odors from disposable diapers, food waste, and other perishable items, double-bag them before disposal. This extra layer of protection will help contain smells and liquids, making it easier for waste collectors in Perth to handle the bags when they arrive.
  5. Utilize compost bins: Use compost bins to dispose of waste such as vegetable scraps, fruit peelings, and tea leaves. This practice reduces the amount of waste destined for garbage bins and helps minimize odors.

Property safety

  1. Remove loose branches and debris: Before storm season arrives in Perth, hire a skip for the weekend to clear debris from the yard. Remove any loose branches from trees that may cause damage during the storm.
  2. Store outdoor furniture and equipment: Secure or store outdoor furniture, pool lounges, and other items that could become dangerous projectiles during strong winds in Perth.
  3. Clean gutters and check for leaks: Remove debris from gutters to prevent clogging and water damage. Inspect gutters for cracks or leaks that could cause further issues during heavy rainfall in Perth.
  4. Inspect roof tiles for stability: Check the stability of your roof tiles and replace any loose or broken ones. This will prevent them from coming loose during the storm and causing injury or property damage in Perth.
  5. Plan escape routes and gather provisions: If your area in Perth is prone to flooding, plan escape routes and ensure your vehicle is in good repair. Make sure you have enough provisions for several days if evacuation is necessary.

Insurance Check

Ensure you have proper insurance coverage for storm damage. It is crucial to review your insurer’s definition of an “act of God,” as this term is sometimes used as a loophole to avoid paying out large claims in the event of widespread damage caused by severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes or landslides. Some insurers may even classify storms, lightning strikes, and floods as acts of God, so be sure to verify this information to avoid potential coverage issues.

To further safeguard yourself and ensure your storm damage is covered, take photographs of your property before the storm to document its condition prior to any damage. If you have large trees in your yard that overhang neighboring homes, consider taking photos of the external parts of their homes as well to establish any pre-existing damage. This can be especially helpful if a branch from your tree falls on their home and they seek compensation from you.

Post-Storm Recovery Tips

 Waste management

  1. Clear debris with skip hire services: After a storm in Perth, hire a skip to clear any debris from around your house and dispose of it responsibly.
  2. Dispose of waste responsibly: Separate waste according to local guidelines in Perth and dispose of it at designated waste collection points or recycling centers.
  3. Utilize recycling centers as needed: Visit your nearest household waste recycling center in Perth for disposing of larger items or materials that cannot be placed in regular bins. Check their website for operating hours during inclement weather.
  4. Contact a rubble removal Specialist to help clear any waste.

Property safety

  1. Assess and document property damage: Inspect your home in Perth for any damage and take photographs for insurance purposes.
  2. Contact insurance providers: Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible to discuss any damage claims and start the repair process in Perth.
  3. Collaborate with neighbors for damage assessment: Work with your neighbors in Perth to assess the extent of the damage and support each other during the recovery process.
  4. Arrange for necessary repairs and reconstruction Hire professionals in Perth to handle necessary repairs and reconstruction. Ensure that any contractors you hire are licensed and insured to avoid potential issues down the line.

General safety tips

  1. Stay indoors during storms and avoid lightning hazards: Avoid venturing outside during storms in Perth to minimize the risk of injury from lightning strikes, falling debris, or other hazards.
  2. Check insurance coverage for storm-related damage: Review your insurance policy to ensure you have adequate coverage for storm-related damage in Perth. Be aware of any exclusions, such as “acts of God,” and consider adjusting your coverage if needed.
  3. Be prepared for multiple storms during the season: Keep in mind that storm season in Perth may bring multiple weather events. Remain vigilant and proactive in your preparations and recovery efforts throughout the season.


Being proactive in storm preparation and recovery is vital for protecting your home, family, and community in Perth, Western Australia. By implementing proper waste management and property safety measures, you can minimize damage and ensure a faster return to normalcy after a storm. Remember, staying informed, prepared, and supportive of your neighbors can make all the difference in successfully weathering the storm in Perth.

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